An Unknown Journey 未知的旅程

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旅行結束後總有些惆悵,夏天又這樣結束了啊~不過好心的朋友們推銷著紐約最後的夏日活動,我尚未看到的裝置瀑布、Governors Island的舞蹈表演、週末曼哈頓大封街讓行人玩樂、免費腳踏車租借…..





7/25: Arrived at Rome. Vatican City, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Castle Sant’ Angelo
7/26: Rome: Getting lost in Centro Storico, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Colloseum, Palatine, Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps.
7/27: Rome: Vatican Museum, Museum Capitoline, Roman Forum, Trastevere
7:28: Rome: Trevi Fountain, Campo de’ Fiori, San Giovanni Cathedral, conference opening.
7/29-31: Still in Rome, but devoting most of my time in the conference. Flying to Athens.


8/1: Athens: markets, walked everywhere......took night ferry to Mykonos
8/2: Mykonos: town, paradise beach. Sadly found out the boat to Delos is cancelled due to weather condition.
8/3: Mykonos: The weirdly strong wind cancelled all boats….no choice but to stay one more night than planned.
8/4: Mykonos -> Santorini: thanks god the boat was running…though no Delos on Monday…but at least I could finally leave Mykonos to Santorini, despite the boat was really late and I arrived nearly 4 hours later than on schedule….
8/5: Santorini: spend the whole day wandering in Oia.
8/6: Santorini: spend one more day wandering in Oia…just can’t be tired from it!
8/7: Santorini: Fira and . Take the night ferry back to Athens.
8/8 Athens: National Archeological Museum, Acropolis. Flying to Israel in the middle of the night.


8/9 arrived at 4:15 am… slept until late morning. Had lunch (hummus) in Jaffa. A quick car tour of Tel Aviv, late afternoon walk in the neighborhood. Visit Efrat and Eran’s friends in the suburbs.
8/10: Walking further to Carmel Market. Bought my first bikini nearby. In the late afternoon biked along the beach.
8/11: A long and tiring day trip to Jerusalem- only visited the Old City but felt quite enough.
8/12: Attended an organized tour to Masada and the Dead Sea. Had much fun!
8/13: Attended a really nice walking tour of Old Jaffa. Spent some nice time with Efrat at the Banana Beach.
8/14: A crazy airport experience from 3 am to 6 am….Flying back to NYC.